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Courtesy Jacksondouglas - check out his website at http://knowston.tripod.com/ - among the galleries is a tribute to WTAR Radio, complete with photos, ads, newspaper articles and audio exhibits.


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(PHOTO ABOVE)  WGH personalities George Crawford, Dave Cummins, Dick Lamb, Gene Loving, Roger Clark, Jim Lawrence, and Bob Calvert follow Teresa Stallings in a 1967 photo taken at the Hampton Holiday Inn pool. (Originally posted by Kenneth M. Johnson on WGH Radio 1310 Facebook page)


(PHOTO BELOW)  WGH personalities George Crawford, Glenn Lewis (with his "Turtle" lapel button), Dave Cummins, Dick Lamb, Bob Calvert, Roger Clark, and Gene Loving standing in front of the old Mercury Boulevard studios in Hampton in 1966.  (Courtesy Bill Bass, Chris Astle, and Ambert Dail )

General Manager Ambert Dail, reading the Spring 1971 Arbitron survey showing WGH number one for the 14th consecutive year.

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I'd like to dedicate this site to the memories of a number of WGH alumni I had the great pleasure of knowing and working with over the years, including Dave Desler, Ambert Dail, Bob Calvert, Roger Clark, George Crawford,  Mal Powell, and Linda Turner, to name just a few.


Please email me if you have copies of airchecks or memorabilia you would like to have added to the site.


Dale Parsons

Maui, Hawaii