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WGH Interviews and Promos

Most of the following audio clips were taken from Roger Clark's WGH 50th Anniversary program heard on October 8, 1978 on WGH-FM and courtesy of Dave Desler.  Some were also taped by my father from WFOS-FM when the anniversary program was repeated in 1990 shortly after Roger's death.  The Bob Calvert tribute to Roger came from that broadcast.

Mal was one of the first employees of WGH Radio in 1928.  He retired from the Sales Department in 1969 and continued to work part-time into the late 1970's.

Mal Powell Interview
George Crawford Interview
Dick Lamb Interview
Gene Loving Interview
Bob Calvert Interview
Keith James Interview
John Garry & Larry O'Brien
Dale Parsons
Bob Calvert Tribute to Roger Clark
Ambert Dail - General Manager
Howard Jernigan - FM General Mgr
Bill Walker - Local Sales Manager
Singing DJ's Contest
Roger Clark Theme
Bob Calvert Hop Promo

The Roger Clark theme was "Strange What A Song Can Do" by Harry James (with vocals by Marion Morgan).  Roger used an edited instrumental version to start his all-night show at 11:00 each evening, always preceded by Bob Calvert's booming "And now, with music all through the night, it's Roger Clark with Stars Till Dawn!"  Occasionally Roger would treat us to the full version, which was released on Columbia Records in 1947 as the B-side to "My Friend Irma."  Thanks to jacksondouglas for sending along a copy of the song.