It's around 1960 in the WGH Production Studio. We don't know who the man is, but Bill Walker and Chris Astle have identified the woman as Mary Copes, who would later become Ambert Dail's and Ray Bottom's secretary.

The microphone the man is using is an Altec 639B, which is a newer version of the Western Electric model introduced in 1938. ...
It was a great sounding ribbon mic.

Note the recording lathe in the front left of the picture. They were still recording some production on discs. Blank discs ("Audiodiscs") are located on the upper right shelf.

A Spotmaster record cart machine is located to left of the console, just behind the Magnecorder reel-to-reel machine. This cart machine was relatively new, since Spotmasters were introduced the year before this picture was taken. Note the knob on the cart machine to switch it from "Record" to "Play."

The reel-to-reel machine on the right
appears to be an Ampex 400, which was a "budget" model manufactured between the Model 300 and 350 units. The on-deck control buttons on the 400 were placed vertically to the right side of the deck. On the 350/351 units, the buttons were situated horizontally below the head stack. This Ampex looks like it's using Model 350 electronics.  The transport for the Model 400 wasn't as good as the 350 and 351 transports that followed it.


(Photo courtesy of Lisbeth Hydrick)